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Dr. Lloyd Steinberg Retiring

After 50 years of practice, Ocala’s first hospital privileged Podiatric Surgeon is retiring.   Dr. Lloyd Steinberg, son of Dr. Marvin Steinberg who was known as the “Father of Modern Podiatric Medicine” started his Podiatry practice in 1962 on the Ocala downtown square.   A strong health and fitness advocate, Dr. Steinberg was very active in his community; he was a Paul Harris fellow, past president of the Rotary Club of Silver Springs/Ocala and involved in the early creation of the Rotary Sportsplex.  During his tenure as president of the Ocala Runners Club and chairman of the sports and recreation department of the Marion County Chamber of Commerce, he was instrumental in the construction of the Jervey Gantt jogging/walking trails and started the city’s annual Reindeer run to fund it.   He competed in the New York City Marathon and with a team of local physicians, finished 3rd in the nation at the HCA relay race in Nashville.

He was very involved in Ocala’s horse industry.  Together with his close friends and partners he helped bring several excellent thoroughbred stallions to the area.  He still maintains a small farm of retired thoroughbred race horses in Belleview.  He has throughout his career volunteered at the health department, provided no fee health care through We Care and served several surrounding rural areas until other Podiatrists arrived.  Spiritually he was involved with Temple B’nai Darom having served as president of the congregation and building committee.

Throughout the years he has built a very strong rapport with his patients and colleagues.  He broke several of the early boundaries of his time including race, religion and physician specialist privileges.  Like his father who pioneered many treatments, medicines, and instruments, Dr. Lloyd Steinberg was at the forefront of his profession for surgical techniques.  With pride and dignity Dr. Lloyd Steinberg is retiring, leaving a legacy of a very distinguished career and patients who are more apt to know him as their friend than their physician.  Dr. Lloyd Steinberg never had a malpractice suit, never had a bad day in the office and always put his patients first.  The Steinberg family congratulates him on a career and a life we can all be proud of.





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